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No Need to Replace the Water Filter Cartridges? Do You Believe That?

The water filter cartridge is the "heart" of the water purifier. The water purifier can purify the water and ensure the daily water is healthy and hygienic. The reason why the water purifier can quickly purify the water and the water purifier filter can not be separated, different water filter cartridges determine the purifier purification function, it can be said that the water filter cartridge is one of the core components of the water purifier. In order to make their products sell, some water purifiers claim that their water purifiers do not need to replace the filter. Do you believe?

In general, a complete water purifier consists of water filter cartridges with different functions.

"Good core has good water", but some water purifier sellers, in order to cater to some consumers "willing to spend money to buy a water purifier, not willing to spend money for the filter" psychology, deliberately exaggerated, declared: life without Change the water filter cartridge, this is irresponsible performance!

Replace the Water Filter Cartridges

1. The Necessity of Changing The Water Filter Cartridge

Why should the water purifier change the filter? It is not a good thing for consumers to move the water purifier home. The water purifier is a consumable item. The water filter cartridge in the water purifier will be lost during use, and the filter core will purify the water as time goes by. It will get worse and worse.

The water filter cartridge is the core component of the water purifier water purification. It must be replaced after a period of use. Some merchants claim that the filter element can be replaced in 3-5 years, which is purely deceiving consumers. Claiming that the water filter cartridge can be replaced for life is also deceiving consumers. After long-term use, the filter will absorb a lot of impurities. If it is not replaced, it will breed a lot of bacteria, destroy the water quality and damage people's health.

2. Different Water Purifiers Have Different water filter cartridge Life Cycles

(1) PP Cotton Filter Cartridge: mainly used to remove large particles of impurities such as sediment and rust in water. The pre-activated carbon filter is mainly used to absorb the color, odor and residual chlorine in water. The period of general use is 3-6. month.

(2) Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter Cartridge: It is mainly used to remove bacteria, colloids and macromolecules in the water. The general use period is 1-2 years.

(3) RO Membrane Filter Cartridge: mainly used to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions, organic compounds and inorganic salts in water, generally used for 2-3 years.

(4) Sintered Activated Carbon Cartridge: It can remove residual chlorine in water and organic matter, chloroform, odor in water, and cannot be discharged due to the principle of adsorption. After a long time, the amount of pollution is reduced, and the service life is 12- 18 months.

(5) Compressed Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge: adsorption of residual chlorine, color, odor, organic matter, heavy metal ions and particulate impurities in the water, can not be discharged, the general service life is 12-18 months.

(6) Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge: removes organic matter, residual chlorine, adsorbed water, and heavy metals in the water to improve the taste. The general use period is 9-12 months.

Replace the Water Filter Cartridges

3. The Use of Pre-filter Cartridges

Since most of the water filter cartridges of the pre-filter are woven by stainless steel mesh, and the whole machine has the function of discharging sewage, the impurities trapped by the filter can be discharged through the sewage outlet, effectively reducing the blockage of the filter element. However, some pre-filtered screens have no obvious effect on the discharge of colloids and embedded impurities. Some organic substances may cause the cells to die and the sewage is not smooth. Therefore, it is also recommended to replace them with new ones.

It is necessary to replace the water filter cartridge regularly so that you and your family will always drink healthy and pure water.

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