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RO System Does not Work? Do You Know The Reason?

The water purifier allows us to drink healthy and reliable water. This is a technological advancement that has solved the problem of life for us. Among the household water purifier series, RO system is one of the water purifiers popular among consumers. The filtration efficiency of the RO system is as high as 0.0001 micron. The filtered water is pure water and can be directly consumed. It has become one of the mainstream water purification equipment in the water purifier market today. However, the pure water machine will also encounter some problems during use, for example: you find that your RO system is no longer working. What is going on here?

RO System

Reason 1: The RO System  Membrane Blocked

There are many reasons, as follows:

1. The RO membrane is used for too long and the life is about to expire or has expired.

2. The quality of the RO film is too poor.

3. Several filter elements in front of the RO membrane have not been changed for a long time, not only can not purify the water, but cause secondary pollution and increase the working pressure of the RO System membrane.

4. The raw water quality is too poor, and the proportion of sewage is small, which causes the sewage solenoid valve or the flushing combination valve to be blocked, so that the machine does not discharge sewage or has very little sewage.

Reason 2: The pre-filter is Blocked

The filter cartridge of the RO system is like the "kidney" of our body. The RO system of the water purifier is not only dependent on the quality of the RO filter, but also depends on whether the filter element is replaced in time. If the filter is used for too long and not replaced, it will Causing clogging, the water flow is getting smaller and smaller, and the long-term use will also cause the entire water purification system to be polluted. Therefore, users should develop a good habit of regularly changing the filter.

RO System

Reason 3: The Post Filter Activated Carbon is Blocked

This is usually the case after replacing the new post-activated activated carbon. Because there is more toner, it does not open. Therefore, the general granular activated carbon filter can not be too full (not to cut corners), to reserve the space for filling, on the one hand to ensure the flow of water, on the one hand, the activated carbon itself also has a coefficient of expansion.

These three situations are the reason why the RO system does not work. When you find that your home RO system is not working, the primary consideration is to replace the RO filter. Great water supply RO system and RO filter cartridges, you can order products online.

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