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Household Water Filters Are Powerful, But Must Be Maintained Too

You will install a household water filter so that you and your family will drink safe and healthy water. While you feel the power of the home water purifier, you should also always maintain the water filter. When you use a household water filter at home, there may be various situations that prevent the household water filter from working properly. The water purifier, like other household appliances, needs maintenance and care to be used better.

Replace the Filter Cartridge Regularly

If you buy a water purifier, someone introduced a household water filter that claims to not need to replace the filter cartridge. At this time, you should pay attention to the fact that you may encounter fake and shoddy water purifiers. All household water filter products currently on the market are required to replace the filter cartridge. You can check the filter housing for the life of the water filter.

Household Water Filters

Installation Location of Water Purifier

The average household will install the water purifier to the kitchen or the corner. However, many consumers install household water filters outdoors, whether indoors or outdoors, they need to pay attention: direct sunlight, the inside of the filter bottles may breed blue algae, this substance is harmful to the human body, the temperature is really When it is too high, it is best to prevent a baffle from the household water filter.

Rinse The Household Water Purifier Regularly

When using the household water filter overnight, it should be rinsed when it is used for the first time on the second day. It is convenient to automatically flush the household pure water. When you are on a business trip, you should close the inlet valve and flush it before going home.

The water purifier output is smaller

It is usually caused by a small inlet pressure or a blocked filter element. If it is because of pressure problems, it may be caused by collective water use in residential buildings. If the filter element is blocked, please call the after-sales service and go to the door for filter replacement.

Household Water Filter leaking

Please don't panic, close the inlet valve in time, then call to inform the after-sales for processing. All household water filter needs maintenance, and maintenance can reduce the cost of use, and it can also enjoy the clean water life.

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