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Home water filtration system knowledge of PP

PP is mostly used in home water filtration system such as one of cartridges for RO system. Using 100% food grads Polypropylene(PP) as material, the filter cartridge contains no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders. Removing efficience can reach 98%.

The surface layer of the filter cartridge is designed to be low density to assure the high dirt-holding capability, while the inner layer is higher density to keep the accurate filtration ability to small particles. The density type is 30% higher filtration effect than the general type.

Common problems

What kind of PP is high quality of home water filtration system cartridge?

PP is a tight outer layer and a multi-layered structure.

Why are some PP cotton surfaces very hard?

In order to reduce the cost, some enterprises added a large amount of calcium carbonate to the PP material, and the PP cotton melted and sprayed after the addition of calcium carbonate became hard, resulting in a significant decrease in the dirt holding capacity of the PP cotton.

What factors can judge the quality of PP cotton?

  1. The heavier the better.
  2. The higher the fiber density, the better the compressibility, the better the pp.

Many home water filtration systems have pp filter cartridges, and most of them is pp10. In general, the pp is better placed before the activated carbon filter.

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