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NSF certified 10-inch Spun Polypropylene for Ro systems

NSF Certified10-inch Spun Polypropylene is one of cartridges for Ro system. Buy new replace old one of RO water filter system.

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    10-inch Spun Polypropylene

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RO water filter systems-reverse osmosis water filter systems uses the action of external pressure to make the solvent in the solution pass through the semi-permeable membrane to retain some solutes. It is an effective means for separation, shrinkage and purification. This technology is currently recognized as a high-tech internationally.NSF certified 10-inch spun polypropylene(PP) is one of cartridges for RO systems(Reverse Osmosis Systems),we need to know it when  use RO water filter system.

cartridges for Ro system

Product Name 10-inch Spun Polypropylene for the Ro systems
Model NO PP10
Material Fresh Polypropylene
Length 10 inch
Micron Rate 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 Micron
Operating TEMP. 4-52℃
Max. Operating Pressure 60psi
Max. Flow 2.5GPM (1.5-2kg/cm2)
Filtration Life 3-5 months/2500G, Depends on water quality and level of contaminants
Carton Size (cm) 32×32×52

The service life of a Spun Polypropylene of RO water filter system is 3-5 months, so buy new cartridges for RO system replace the old one.

cartridges for Ro system

cartridges for Ro system


reverse osmosis water filter

RO water filter system

RO water filter system

reverse osmosis water filter


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