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Common problems with water quality
The water quality from the water plant is clean and can reach the standard for direct drinking. However, after long-distance pipeline transportation, due to the old and rusty pipeline, the urban high-rise water tank and the building group reservoir are not clean or are not disinfected all year round, which will cause secondary pollution.
Bacteria, viruses and algae reproduction
Chlorine and chloride
Sediment rust
Heavy metals such as lead and mercury
Radioactive material
Fertilizers and pesticides

Why is it necessary to install a whole house water filter?
Function: filter out all large particles of impurities such as sand, rust, insect eggs and so on.
Installation method: Install the whole house water filter at the main water pipe of the household.
Filtration standard: Filtration accuracy is usually around 40 microns
Post-maintenance: The pre-filter needs regular replacement of the water filter element, which needs regular replacement within 4-6 months.

Why is it necessary to install the kitchen RO system?
Function: The whole house water filter can only filter out large particles of impurities, while the kitchen water purifier also needs to filter out small particles of impurities such as odor, bacteria, pesticides.
There are two kinds of water used in the kitchen: one is vegetable washing water, and the other is direct drinking water.
Ordinary water filter: filters out bacteria, viruses, pesticides, etc., but retains calcium and magnesium ions. If it is boiled with a kettle, there will still be scale, which is what we usually call water containing trace elements. There is no need for electricity and no waste water.

Home Water Filtration Installation Guide

RO system: filter out all impurities (including calcium and magnesium ions) in the water, it is soft water that can be directly consumed. There must be electricity and waste water.
Shower water filter
Main function: Turn hard water into soft water.
The difference between hard water and soft water lies in the mineral content of the water, which usually refers to the content of calcium and magnesium ion compounds in the water. The higher the content, the harder the water is, and the softer the conversely.

Reminder: Be sure to replace the water filter element in time

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