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Filtered Tap Water and Bottled Water, Which one do you Choose?

Drinking water, we will all face choices. Which one do you choose for filtered tap water and bottled water? You can take into account factors such as cost and security. Some people are used to drinking bottled water, but more people may prefer to drink water from a tap.

Bottled water

You may have seen advertisements for many bottled waters that claim that their water is clean and safe. The bottled water manufacturer will concentrate the purification of the water in nature, then pack the filtered water in a small bottle and sell them.

This is a boon for travel or out-of-town people who can drink clean water outdoors at a small cost. But the weight of bottled water you have to consider, this may make your outdoor activities awkward.

Filtered Tap Water

The municipality will filter the water and transport it to each household through the pipeline. This is the tap water. Although many municipalities claim that the water in the faucet is clean and safe, you still have to add a water filter. Because the chlorine used for disinfection may always exist in tap water and enter my body. The faucet filter can effectively remove chlorine.

The benefit of tap water is low cost. Remind you: Never drink unfiltered tap water.

So which one do you choose for bottled water and tap water? This does not seem to be difficult to choose. Bottled water may be a better choice when you are out; however, at home, faucet water may be better, but adding a faucet filter is necessary.

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