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What Factors Affect the Life of the Water Filter Cartridges?

When you replace a new water filter cartridge, you will see its life is 6 months on the label. You will have questions: Is there any situation that I need to replace in advance? This article will tell you which factors will affect the life of the water filter cartridge.

1. The Type of Filter Cartridge

At present, there are many types of household water purifier filter cartridges, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane, etc. When purchasing a household water purifier, we should choose according to our own needs and local water quality. However, the replacement cycle of different types of water filter cartridges is different, generally between 6 months and 3 years.

2. Water Quality

The water quality of different water sources and different areas is different for the life of the water filter cartridges. In some places, the water quality is very good, so the replacement period of the filter cartridge will be relatively extended, and if the water quality in your place is very poor, then you may need to replace the water filter cartridges more frequently to ensure the health of your own drinking water.

3. The Frequency of Use

No matter which water purifier you use, the frequency of use is one of the most important indicators to determine the frequency of water filter cartridge replacement. Be aware that there is a limit to the filter capacity of any filter cartridge. When a water filter cartridge reaches the saturation point, it must be replaced. This is more important for a water purifier that does not have a sewage outlet. Otherwise, the water flowing out of the water purifier may even be  polluted and not as good as tap water. Therefore, the use of a high frequency water purifier requires more regular replacement of the water filter cartridge.

4. The Quality of Water Filter Cartridge

High quality water filter replacement cycles are usually much longer than low quality products. If a relatively low-cost material is used, then the quality of the purified water cannot be guaranteed. The life of such a water filter cartridge will be much shorter, and it will be more easily polluted. To purchase water filter cartridges, it is necessary to choose Yunda Filter supplier because it has its own factory and related industry chain.

Yunda Filter is China's biggest water filter supplier, with two production bases for professional manufacturing of all kinds of water filters and cartridges. We are the sole manufacturer who have got all the three authoritative certifications of NSF, WQA and IAPMO. Wholesale water filter cartridges in Yunda Filter supplier allow you to make more money.

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