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How to Select Pump for Your RO System?

One way to get safe and clean water is to install a RO machine that can be placed under your sink or on a main water pipe as a whole house water filter system. Are you hesitant to buy a RO System with a pump? You need to know the water pressure in your city. Perhaps an RO System with a pump makes it easier for you to get cleaner water.

What is a RO Pump?

Some countries and cities have too little water pressure, so water is difficult to pass through the RO membrane, so an RO pump needs to be added. The RO pump is the booster pump on the reverse osmosis system. It is one of the important components of the RO System, with the function of water absorption and pressurization. Another important component of the RO System is the RO membrane, which is mainly used for the purification of water, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying water. Usually the RO membrane is located behind the RO pump, allowing water to pass through the RO membrane.

How to Select RO pump?

Which RO pump to select depends on the RO membrane. For example, a 50-gallon pump must be used with a 50-gallon RO membrane and cannot be used on a water purifier with a different gallon. It is forbidden to use a water pump with a large number of gallons of water in a small-gallon water purifier. In this way, the water production load of the RO membrane will increase, the salt rejection rate of the RO membrane will decrease, the water quality of the produced water may not reach the standard (and the water production will increase), and even the RO membrane will be deformed and torn.

Finally, you need to know the water pressure in your city to choose the right RO pump.

RO System with RO Pump

Select a Qualified RO Pump

A qualified RO pump, first of all must ensure that all materials can not be smashed and reduced by two, the performance must meet the working environment requirements of the corresponding RO membrane!

Yunda is a RO System supplier, providing 4 stage, 5 stage, 6 stage, 7 stage RO Systems, you can decide whether to increase the RO pump.

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