Remove Iron from Your Water!

Iron is the most abundant metal on earth, so iron content in water is one of the common problems with water. Whether it is tap water or groundwater, removing iron has become one of the main problems that homeowners solve. Iron in the water can cause a range of troubles, from low water pressure to bright orange streaks in the bathtub, iron can cause serious damage in your home.

How is iron in the water produced?

Tap water pipes will produce iron filings due to long-term use, and these rust will enter our drinking water through tap water pipes. In addition, iron will dissolve into the soil and then into the bottom water. Some of our equipment is also one of the main hidden dangers of iron in water. After prolonged exposure to oxygen and water, iron may oxidize and turn into rust. If your plumbing and bathroom fixtures contain iron, they can easily rust. When water flows through rusty and corroded pipes, the rust spots will fall off and enter the water supply system.

Most homes will install a water filter to remove iron from the water. So what benefits will removing iron in the water bring to you?

Increase the service life of the pipeline

You should know that if the pipe is corroded, then there is a leak. In addition, the rust in the water may be congested in the pipeline, causing blockage of the pipeline, which greatly reduces the service life of the pipeline.

Extend the service life of household appliances

The iron in the water will leave bright red orange streaks in sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, washing machines and dishwashers. In fact, any water-related equipment in your home is susceptible to unsightly iron stains. However, stubborn stains are not the only problem. Iron will accumulate in your appliances, just as it accumulates in pipes. From dishwashers to irrigation systems, all your appliances are susceptible to iron. Removing iron from the water will make your appliances look and work like brand new, helping you avoid costly repairs and premature replacements.

Make your drinking water healthier

What makes you unexpected is that the iron in the water can also damage your skin and hair. When the iron in the water reaches a certain level, the water will turn red, so the hazard occurs. Iron can dry your skin, cause your hair to become brittle, and may exacerbate diseases such as eczema and acne.

Enjoy more delicious water

Iron will make the taste of water worse, and the most intuitive feeling is bitter. Any food and drink made with iron-contaminated water will also have a pungent taste.

Now quickly install a water filter to remove the iron in the book!

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