Why should You Install a Water Filter?

Water is a living substance that people cannot leave. Drinking unqualified water is tantamount to chronic suicide in terms of health. However, our simple desire to drink good water has encountered many challenges. Many families are considering installing an effective water filter. Here are the reasons for you to install a water purifier.
1. Water is the most important component of the human body. The water of an adult's body weight accounts for about 50-60%; it is also one of the six essential nutrients for the human body. It plays an important role in human cells, metabolism, nutrient transportation, and waste excretion.
2. It is recommended that healthy adults drink at least 1200ml of water per day, which is about 6 cups.
3. The healthy and good water that the human body can drink for a long time should not contain pathogenic pollutants and bacteria and viruses, and retain beneficial nutrients and taste sweet.
4. Purified water removes almost all trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. The types and quantities of trace elements and minerals contained in mineral water are not suitable for everyone, and neither of them is suitable for long-term drinking.
5. The repeated use of barrels of bottled water is likely to cause fungal infection. The polyester bottles used for bottled water often contain substances that may cause chronic human poisoning, and long-term use will endanger health.
6. Beverages do not have the effect of replenishing water to the body, but also reduce appetite and affect digestion and absorption.
7. The water quality in many cities is not up to the standard for direct drinking. With the passage of time, the aging of the pipeline makes the water pollution more serious.
8. It is difficult to completely solve the problems of organic matter pollution, algae pollution, heavy metals such as lead and mercury in the conventional treatment process of water plants, and the algae will generate organic halogenated hydrocarbons and other carcinogens and many harmful by-products in the liquid chlorine disinfection process.
9. The transportation of urban drinking water is affected by factors such as the material of the pipe material, the length of the pipe network, and the nature of the disinfectant itself. The water quality will change during the water delivery process.
10. Unqualified faucets have high lead content and fail the electroplating treatment, which will cause the precipitation of lead in the faucet.
Faced with so many water quality problems, what is a good solution? That is to install a household water filter. A large-brand household water purifier with advanced filtration technology and certified by professional institutions can better guarantee the safety of household drinking water.

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