5 Ways to Remove Viruses in Water

YUNDA water filter supplier share 5 ways to remove viruses in water. Viruses are removed from water through chlorine, ozone water treatment, UV purification, distillation, ultrafiltration, and boiling water.

1. Chlorine

Chlorine eliminates viruses and other pathogens in water through a chemical reaction. When chlorine is added to water, a weak acid called hypochlorous acid is formed, which penetrates the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, destroying them from the inside out. Chlorine is a popular choice for water treatment centers around the world because it can keep the water clean continuously. However, it may leave a residual chemical smell in your tap water. If this is the problem you are experiencing, it is recommended to use an activated carbon filter to greatly improve the taste and smell of the water.

2. Ozone water treatment

Ozone water treatment removes viruses and other troublesome pollutants from water through oxidation. Ozone (O3) is an oxygen-containing compound and one of the most powerful oxidants in nature. In ozone water treatment, ozone is first produced in the ozone generator. It is then injected into water, where it oxidizes the organic matter in the membranes of viruses, bacteria and parasites. This will weaken, rupture and kill their cells. Ozone water treatment can not only eliminate viruses and other dangerous pathogens, but also very fast, purifying water in a few seconds.

3. UV purification

The UV purification system uses UV rays to destroy the DNA of viruses and other organisms, making them unable to reproduce and spread diseases in the water supply. However, when the water is pretreated by different filters (such as sediment filters), the UV purification system is most effective because dirt and debris can protect microscopic viruses, bacteria, etc. from UV rays. When the water is pre-filtered, the UV purification system can neutralize 99.9% of the organisms.

4. Water distiller

The water distiller eliminates the virus by distillation. Distillation is a process that simulates how water is purified in nature: by evaporation in the atmosphere. The water distiller converts water into steam, eliminating viruses and other pollutants because they cannot evaporate like water. Once the water returns to a liquid state, there will be no contaminants.

5. Ultrafiltration

The ultrafiltration system uses standard household water pressure to force water through a hollow fiber membrane, which traps viruses, bacteria, chlorine, algae, and metals. Only clean water and minerals can pass through. The virus is too small for most filters to stop, but the ultrafiltration membrane is about 0.025 microns, while the virus is about 0.1 microns. From their tiny size, human hair is 70 microns wide on average! However, ultrafiltration should not be relied on to treat water from natural sources, such as lakes or rainwater. The ultrafiltration system works best when used in conjunction with other preventive measures (such as UV systems).

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