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What Well Water Filtration System do I Need for Your Home?

Everyone wants better-tasting drinking water, but there may be worse things lurking in your well's water that you can't taste. A Whole House Water Filter makes sense for homeowners with wells that want to improve the smell and taste of their water, but that also want to filter out any contaminants, parasites, or bacteria that could be present in their family's water supply.

When you want to ensure you are protected from the undesirables that may exist in well water, any old water filter won't do. Learn more about the potential hazards of well water and how some optional components of a Whole House Water Filter can provide you with the safest, best-tasting water possible.

Why should your well water be filtered?

You may think that because your water comes from a well, it is safe for consumption. Even though the soil over and around the well help filter out disease-causing microorganisms in groundwater, it is still possible for contaminants to find their way into your home's water supply.

Whole House Water Filter

Well casings or caps are improperly installed

Well casings break

Contaminated surface water enters the well

Their website goes on to mention that water quality problems can be prevented with the installation of a well water filtration system, such as the ones Filter Butler provides.

What is in your well water?

Typically, the age, design, installation, or condition of your well contributes to contaminants seeping into your water supply. The best way to determine if your well water may contain contaminants is to be vigilant about having your water tested annually for newer wells, two to three times per year for existing wells.

A Whole House Water Filter helps remove and resolve the following water issues that may be present in your well water:

Foul smell

Funky taste




It is advisable to test your well water when the likelihood of contamination is highest – namely, in early spring (post thaw), after an extended dry spell, during periods of extensive rainfall or after prolonged periods of non-use.

Whole House Water Filter

What does a filter do?

A filter that is outfitted with the appropriate well water filtration components will target and remove the aforementioned impurities from the water that your family consumes or is exposed to. This is one of the reasons why it is important to work with professionals to determine the right components for your system, and your home.

For instance, your well water filtration system may be augmented with a Sub-Micron Post Filter and a UV filter – two optional filtration components that complement each other – to remove common pollutants known to compromise the well water in your region. Specifically, the Sub-Micron Post Filter helps to remove or eliminate organic and sediment particles that a standard Whole House Water Filter may not completely prevent, and the UV filter effectively removes any additional viruses or bacteria that could potential pose a threat to your health. In all, these added components help protect your family from the following:



Inorganic compounds

Organic compounds

Sickness and disease

What water filtration should I get for my well?

The most effective way to achieve results and improve your home's well water is through customizing a Whole House Water Filter system to suit your specific needs. Adding a Sub-Micron Post-Filter and UV filter can help remove common contaminants and undesirables from your family's water supply, and has been identified as being highly preventative approach for homeowners that use their own well.

Determine the capacity that you want to filter, and whether you are interested in renting or purchasing your Whole House system. Talk to a Whole House Water Filter system expert when in doubt, or if you have questions regarding products that may improve your home's water.

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