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Water purifier maintenance is imprtant to water purifier

Although we are all using tap water now, tap water in some places cannot be guaranteed to be clean. The elderly, pregnant women and children still have some harm. In this case, we choose to install a water purifier to let the family drink healthy and pure water. The important thing about the installation of the water purifier is  water purifier maintenance. If we can't keep the equipment in good condition, then we will still pollute the water for the second time.

water purifier maintenance

There will be problems during the winter use of the water purifier, so water purifier maintenance is very important. If there is a problem with the water purifier, don't panic about the following problems:
Water production decline
The viscosity of the water during use will be affected by the temperature, resulting in a decrease in the water production of the reverse osmosis membrane. Under normal circumstances, if the water temperature drops by 1 ° C, the water production of the reverse osmosis membrane will decrease by 3%, and the winter weather is cold, and the lower the temperature, the lower the water yield. The greater the amplitude.
Increased wastewater
At the same time as the water production is reduced, the flow rate of the wastewater will increase accordingly. For winter equipment to run smoothly, you can refer to the 
water purifier maintenance knowledge:
Optimal use temperature of water purification equipment: applicable water temperature 5 ° C -38 ° C; ambient temperature 4 ° C -40 ° C.

water purifier maintenance

Do not put the purifier outdoors
In winter, the weather is cold and it is strictly forbidden to put the equipment outdoors. If it has been placed outdoors during installation, it is necessary to close the inlet ball valve and drain the water inside the equipment, and the equipment will be moved indoors. If there is no law to move, we must do antifreeze equipment, and wrap the body with cloth and other materials for heat preservation. Failure to prevent freezing may result in cracking of the filter bottle, membrane shell, etc.
Prohibited to use below zero
The temperature of the water purifier should not be lower than 0 °C. The volume of water will expand during the solidification process. If it freezes, it will cause all the pipelines, filter cartridges, membrane shells, etc. of the water purification equipment to burst, resulting in machine damage and water leakage.
Long downtime, no need to stop
When traveling for a long time or when not in use for a long time, the power supply can be turned off to close the water inlet ball valve, and the water in the water purifier can be drained to prevent the water hammer from colliding and causing water leakage.
Precautions after deactivation
The machine will not be used for a period of time. When using it again, first check whether the wading parts of the machine have appearance damage, and confirm that there is no damage before turning on the water source. We will first drain the first bucket of water. If there is any water leakage or other abnormality, immediately close the water inlet and contact the professional.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the water purification equipment, in addition to the safety hazards of the work, with the scientific use habits, it can continue to serve you in the winter.

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