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Water purification in 2018: market integration, with imagination

Looking back on 2018, it can be said that the general trend of 2017 has continued: development has entered a normal state, especially for pure water purifierHowever, compared with 2017, the market growth rate in 2018 has begun to slow down, and the industry reshuffle has further intensified.
First, the current status of water pollution and backward municipal water treatment capacity cannot meet consumers' increasing health awareness and safe drinking water demand. In addition, the 90s people are basically at the age of marriage, there is a large demand for home purchase and decoration, and this group of people has a strong sense of health, basically the pure water purifier
as a standard for new home decoration. Therefore, the above positive factors stimulated the growth of the domestic water purification market in 2018. However, the pre-release volume under the extensive growth of the water purification industry has consumed demand for a period of time in the future, and in addition to encountering another cold winter in the real estate market, the growth rate in 2018 has slowed down to some extent.

Looking back at the water purification industry in 2018, although the industry growth rate has slowed down, the entire industry is still developing in a positive and innovative direction.
First, in terms of product performance, the products occupying the mainstream position of the market--the pure water machine has two development directions: the slim body and the small body size.
In addition, the filter element has also changed from the original number to a small and sophisticated composite filter. Traditional pure water machine filter cores are more numerous, 4 grade filter cores are the most common, and 5 grade and 6 grade filter cartridges are also available. Some pure water purifier even use 7th, 8th, and 9th grade filter cartridges, and consumers are often misled.

In fact, from the perspective of filtration principle, the pure water machine includes three steps of pretreatment, core filtration and end treatment. Firstly, the pretreatment is used to realize the preliminary filtration of the tap water, and at the same time, the role of the next-stage reverse osmosis RO membrane is protected, and then The RO membrane is used for core filtration of tap water to make the water cleaner. Finally, activated carbon is used for end treatment to improve the taste. Therefore, the pure water purifier only needs to satisfy the three filtering steps, and has nothing to do with the number of stages of the filter element. The birth of the composite filter water purifier is based on the filtration principle of the pure water machine. The multi-stage filter element is assembled to reduce the number of filter stages without reducing the filtration step, which can achieve the same filtering effect as the multi-stage filter pure water machine. It solves not only the problem of frequent multi-stage filter water purifier replacement, but also the high cost of core replacement and large space occupation. Therefore, once it was launched, it was favored by consumers and gradually grew into a trend product.
In the future, with the innovation of composite filter technology and the increase of brand participation, the market space of composite filter water purifier will be further opened.

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