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Why is Chlorine Added to The Water? Can The Tap Filter Remove?

As a common sense, we all know that chlorine in water is toxic. But do you know why the municipality still adds chlorine to the water? Can the tap water filter effectively remove chlorine from the water? Fortunately, the faucet water filter is a commonly used household water purification device that can efficiently remove chlorine from water.

Activated carbon is the main material of the tap water filter, which can effectively remove chlorine from water. Remove chlorine up to 99%. Of course, not every tap water filter can reach this number. Before you buy, you need to look at the outer casing label of the filter. You can know if this filter is certified and whether it can effectively remove residual chlorine from the water. You can buy the products you are interested in on the website, or you can leave a message online. You might consider that the chlorine in the tap water needs to be removed by the tap water filter, so why is the municipality increasing the chlorine to the tap water?

Reasons for Increasing Chlorine in Water

The tap water should be a kind of drinking water that is both hygienic and safe. However, due to environmental pollution, harmful substances such as bacteria in the water are abundantly produced. In order to suppress and kill bacteria in the water, the water plant generally adds chlorine to the water treatment process. . However, some studies have found that chlorine disinfection of drinking water can cause high incidence of cancer such as esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. There is some evidence that the occurrence of childhood leukemia may be related to long-term drinking of high-chlorinated drinking water. There are also some diseases that are very allergic to chlorine. Fortunately, the tap water filter can remove chlorine.

More importantly, chlorine is cheaper and easier to obtain than other disinfectants.

Does water containing residual chlorine have an effect on cleaning vegetables, fruits, and grains?

Chlorine destroys nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruits and grains, and seriously affects the body's absorption of nutrients.

What is The Hazard of Taking a Bath with Residual Chlorine for a Long Time?

Bathing with tap water containing residual chlorine, 40% of the total chlorine in the bathroom is inhaled through the respiratory tract. 30% is absorbed by the skin. It is usually 6-8 times of the chlorine that enters the body through drinking. It is itchy in the light. The carcinogenic rate in middle age will increase by 30%. The tap water filter is indispensable to keep your body healthy.

What kind of disease can be caused by drinking water containing residual chlorine for a long time?

Heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis, anemia, bladder cancer, liver cancer, rectal cancer, high blood pressure and allergies.

What Harm does Residual Chlorine Have on Children?

When using tap water to bathe children, chlorine can cause dryness and breakage of hair, and it can also bleach the skin, peel off the skin layer and produce itchy skin allergies; when chlorine interacts with organic substances such as sweat. It is easy to cause the formation of nitrogen trichloride in the surrounding air, which is very easy to damage the eyes and lice; chlorine inhalation into the lungs through the respiratory tract will damage the respiratory cells, leading to asthma and emphysema. The tap water filter allows children to grow healthily and happily.

What Harm does Residual Chlorine Have on Pregnant Women?

Long-term consumption of tap water containing chlorine in pregnant women can affect the growth of fetal heart and lungs, which may lead to arrhythmia, heart failure, and pulmonary dysfunction in newborns.

The Role of The Tap Water Filter

Simply speaking, it is to purify water. Specifically, the function of the tap water filter is to remove floating matter, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, rust, and microorganisms in the filtered water. It has high-precision filtration technology. The water purifier is not only suitable for areas where tap water pollution is serious, but also filters residual chlorine in conventional tap water, and can improve the taste of water.


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