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Shower Head Filter Remove Harmful Substances for You

When you shower, some of the most common water hitchhikers aren’t doing your hair, skin, or overall health any favors. You need a body protected by a showr head filter.

People with sensitive skin
Showering with filtered water can reduce various skin conditions such as eczema, rash, dandruff and itchy scalp, so these filters are a wise choice for anyone who is prone to skin or scalp sensitivity, children, especially babies. The reason why showr head filters are beneficial to the skin is usually to remove chlorine, which is the cause of various skin irritation and skin dehydration.

Chlorine is especially irritating when warming, just like showering or bathing. Other water contaminants, such as dissolved minerals, can harden your hair, nails, and skin, strip off their natural oils, and make you fragile, itchy or dry. The shower water filter can also remove these pollutants and make you feel more comfortable.

People with asthma or other respiratory diseases
In addition to skin sensitivity, chlorine and certain dissolved minerals can also make asthma worse. When chlorinated or contaminated water is heated (used in showers or bathtubs), the problem reappears-this produces chlorinated vapor, which is exacerbated by inhalation.

People with compromised immune systems
The shower head may contain countless bacteria. Unless you are diligent in cleaning the shower head regularly, these bacteria will be atomized every time you shower. Regular cleaning will help, but the shower head filter can first prevent the accumulation of a large number of potentially harmful bacteria, thereby helping you stay healthy.

People who want to improve their overall hygiene
From the health of your lungs, eyes, skin, hair, etc., a showr head filter can refresh your self-care routine and make you feel softer and more moisturized. If you just want to enjoy a more pleasant shower or bathing experience, the showr head filter is a quick addition tool that can make a big impact.

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