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Can You not Replace the RO Filter Cartridges?

The RO filter cartridge is the core component of the reverse osmosis system. The harmful substances in the water are completely intercepted by it. For this reason, the regular replacement of the filter cartridge is an important trivial matter for the families installed with the RO system. But with so many filter elements in the water purifier, how often does it take to replace it? But in fact, there is a signal before the RO filter cartridge needs to be replaced, so which signal reminds us to change the filter cartridge?

RO Filter Cartridges

RO Filter Cartridge - PP Filter Cartridge
Remove sand, rust, small bugs, particulate impurities, and protect the filter cartridge behind.
Replacement period: 3-6 months
RO Filter Cartridge - Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Absorb residual chlorine, chemicals, no-where odors and colors in the water.
Replacement cycle: 6-8 months
RO Filter Cartridge - Block Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Further remove large particles of impurities and no-where toner.
Replacement cycle: 6-8 months
RO Filter Cartridge - RO Membrane
The core filter element of the RO system mainly removes harmful substances such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals in the water, with a filtration accuracy of 0.001 microns.
Replacement cycle: 24 months
RO Filter Cartridge - Post Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Improve the taste of water and make the water more delicious.
Replacement period: 6-12 months
The filter cartridge is a simple separation device for purifying and separating the original fluid. It is currently used in air filtration, water filtration and other purification and filtration industries. The filter cartridge separates the solid particles in the liquid or gas, and is used to protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanness of the air.
With the popularization of all kinds of water purification knowledge, people have gradually realized that there is no ro filter without replacing the filter cartridge. As a consumable of ro ​​system, there is a certain life cycle, but when many people replace the ro filter cartridge, they feel that it is too expensive to replace it in time. So what harm will happen if the filter cartridge is not replaced in time?
1: Unable to purify water quality. When the RO filter cartridge reaches saturation, it cannot purify the water quality, thus affecting the water quality.
2: The water purification effect is weakened. Contaminants adhere to the surface of the RO filter cartridge and block the channels, resulting in a smaller water output and affecting water quality filtration. Incomplete filtration, there may be other harmful impurities in the water, long-term drinking is not beneficial to human health.
3: The water purifier becomes a "sewage device". The filter element in the saturated state cannot inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, and it is easy to make the water purifier a "hotbed" of bacteria and thus a "sewage tank".
4: Overload work, gradual damage. The water purifier is filtered step by step. The function of the upper-level filter cartridge of the RO filter is weakened, which brings pressure to the next-level filter cartridge, causing the next-level filter element to overload and shorten its service life.

RO Filter Cartridges

The replacement of the filter cartridge is so important, the following signals should be kept in mind before the replacement of the filter cartridge!
Signal 1: The water is too slow. In the case of the same water pressure and temperature, the RO system produces less water, indicating that the RO filter cartridge is likely to be clogged. At this time, it needs to be checked. If the filter element is really clogged, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.
Signal 2: Water production is too fast. The water output of the water purifier is obviously accelerated. Generally, it may be caused by the damage of the RO membrane. At this time, the RO membrane needs to be replaced, otherwise the water purifier will completely lose its filtering function.
Signal 3: The taste of the water becomes worse. The RO system activated carbon filter element reaches saturation, which will cause the taste of the water to decrease. At this time, it reminds us that we need to replace the filter element quickly, otherwise the water purifier will become a "sewage device".

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