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Why Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

One of the ways to get your family to drink pure water is to install a whole house water filter, which is a simple matter. You only need to install the water purifier on the main pipe of the whole house, so you can easily get the filtered water. However, you need to replace the whole house water filter cartridge regularly, which is the only way to keep the water pure.

What substances can be removed from the whole house water filter?

There are many types of water purifiers, but the whole house water filter is definitely a better choice. You only need to install it on the main water pipe in your home, which will be filtered with all the water. Faucets, showers, and even garden water can also be filtered. In fact, the whole house water filter is more important is the water filter cartridge. The main function of the whole house water filter cartridge is to remove harmful substances from the water. Such as stones, rust, small insects, chlorine, pigments, odors, viruses and bacteria.

Why Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

Why Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

If you have a whole house water filter installed, one of the benefits is that you can easily change the cartridge and adjust the water in your whole house in one fell swoop.

Buying high-quality whole house water filter cartridges means you’ll enjoy longer-lasting and more effective water filtration. High-quality cartridges can work for up to 3 years; others as little as 3 months.

Chlorine water filtration

Replacing your filter may be necessary to improve the performance of your filtration system. Signs that your whole house water filter cartridge needs changing include: a build-up of scale or dirt, an unpleasant smell or taste in your water, and poor water flow

If you're unsure about whether it's time to replace your cartridge or not, check the instruction booklet for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Please note that a poorly functioning filter may not indicate a bad quality cartridge: it may simply be a compatibility issue. If you don't get the right whole house water filter cartridge for the type of contaminants found in your water, it won't work effectively.

Why Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

You can assess which contaminants are in your water with a home water screening test. Pick one up at your local home ware store or order online.

For more stringent testing, you can also hire a certified laboratory. Check out a list here.

How to Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

Step 1: Turn off Your Water Supply

Locate the valve that controls the water supply for the whole building and turn it to off. If you have a bypass switch installed this will do the same job. This ensures that no water will be flowing through the pipes while you make the change.

Step 2: Remove the Cartridge from its Housing

Unscrew the cartridge from its housing (using the wrench that came with it), taking out the O-ring.

Give the O-ring a quick clean with a cloth and set to one side. Make sure you leave it in a safe place as O-rings are easy to lose. Discard of the used cartridge appropriately.

Step 3: Wash the Housing

Cleaning the housing is a vital step for keeping your filtration system in good working order. Once you’ve removed the cartridge, clean the housing thoroughly. Use warm soapy water with a ½ cap of bleach and a little scrub to remove dirt, dust, and sediment.

Step 4: Lubricate the O-Ring

Take the O-ring and gently rub a little silicone grease to make it lubricated. Then, return it to its original place inside the housing. The O-ring must sit level within its little indentation in order for the housing to be sealed.

Why Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge?

Step 5: Replace the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Take your new cartridges and carefully install them in the place of the old ones. They generally sit in the bottom of the housing.

Step 6: Screw up the Housing

Screw the housing in by hand. Make sure you don’t over-tighten this as this can make replacing the cartridges difficult in the future.

Step 7: Turn Your Water Back on

When everything is in place, switch the valve back on and allow water to run throughout the house. This will ensure the new filter takes effect. Ensure there are no leaks, and you’re done! You can now enjoy fresh, filtered water from every faucet in your house.

The first thing after you understand why you need to replace the whole house water filter cartridge is to verify that the water filter cartridge in your home whether needs to be replaced. It's wise to find the water filter cartridge you need on the website and buy it. You can leave a message online and we will respond to you immediately.

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