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WHIRLPOOL refrigerator air filter compatile for W10311524

Key Feature

•【Pursuing Superior Quality】High-quality carbon in three layers. The first level activated carbon sponge, removes big impurities. The second level is activated carbon fiber, which good absorption ability to odor, smoke, and much more. The third level, is the activated carbon sponge, with a high capacity for contamination.
•【Strong Adsorption Function】Efficiently absorb odor, and volatile organic compounds and remove impurity particles from your refrigerator.
•【Perfect Fit】This filter fits the original brand perfectly, so there's no leakage occurs at all.
•【Extra Long Service Life】To ensure the effectiveness of the filter, it is recommended to replace it every six months.
•【Compatible Codes】Whilrpool W10311524 AIR1, Whilrpool 2319303, Whilrpool W10335147, Whilrpool W10315189, Whilrpool WD-W10311524.
•【22-year Manufacturer Experience】YUNDA has 22 years of experience as a professional water treatment manufacturer dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, and sales.

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