Choose a Certified Water Purifier

There are so many brands of water purifiers, and the product quality is uneven. How can we choose a high-quality water purifier? While understanding the concept and technology of water purifiers, the quality assurance of third-party certification is also very important.

EU Drinking Water Standard

Everyone knows that in many EU countries, the tap water in the tap can be directly drunk. It can be seen that EU countries have high control over drinking water safety. If the water quality filtered by a water purifier can meet the EU drinking water standards, it reflects the excellent filtering effect of the water purifier.

NSF Certification

In addition to the water quality that meets the EU drinking water standards, there is also a leading and independent professional organization that provides certification and testing of water quality and food safety products in the world-NSF.

NSF was established in 1944, and it was selected by the World Health Organization as a cooperation center for drinking water safety and treatment. NSF is very strict in the testing and certification of water purifiers. It also conducts periodic inspections on the brands of tested products and maintains follow-up supervision of the manufacturers, which can be said to be "lifetime" supervision.

Obtaining NSF certification means that the water purifier product has obtained international recognition and is a strong proof of high-quality products.

WQA Certification

There is also a high-quality symbol and logo in the field of water purifier products, that is WQA (Water Quality Association of America) certification.

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