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What is the Function of the Faucet Filter?

Installing a faucet filter can make our water cleaner and safer. Many people choose faucet filters at home, this is also to improve their quality of life.

Balance acid-base

The water quality itself has hardness, acidity and alkalinity. Partial acidity or partial alkalinity are harmful to human health. After using the faucet filter, the acidity and alkalinity of the water quality can be adjusted.

Remove impurities

Most of the water used in cities comes from water purification plants. However, chemical substances such as bleach and disinfectant are used in the process of water purification, and a certain amount of chlorine or ammonia will remain after use. In the process of transporting tap water, it will enter our kitchen and enter our lives through a series of water pipes. Iron water pipes will inevitably produce some rust after long-term use. For these substances, the faucet filter can be a good solution.

Avoid secondary pollution

Many families now use drinking fountains with filtering function or bottled mineral water. However, in addition to these direct drinking water, do you use tap water when you cook, brush your teeth, wash vegetables, and wash dishes? To ensure drinking water safety, the problem of indirect drinking water at home should also be paid attention to. Although the tap water flowing out of the faucet is guaranteed by the disinfection treatment of the water plant, it is often prone to secondary pollution during the transmission process. The installation of faucet filters can avoid secondary pollution of water.

Frequency of replacement

The faucet filter has a limited adsorption capacity. After a period of use, the adsorbent will become saturated. Not only can it not remove impurities, but it will release new pollutants. Therefore, experts remind: When using the faucet filter, try to replace it once a month.

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