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Water Pitcher Filter - A Better Water Purifier for Your Kitchen

A water pitcher filter is a convenient device to have in your kitchen for drinking fresh, clean drinking water. There are several different styles and models of water pitcher filters on the market today. It is important to consider how much water you need to keep in your pitcher at one time to choose the right filter for you. Most water pitcher filter models cost between $20 - 40 but some have specialized filters or other additional features which may cost more than this.
The price of a water pitcher filter depends on the type or model and how many gallons it holds. You also have to take into consideration how it is cleaned and maintained. Obviously the more expensive models will last longer, but will cost more to maintain as well. The more costly filter pitchers will usually have a higher capacity which will allow you to use less water at one time, while the cheaper ones will not have as much room to store water and will not clean as well. Choose the one that is best suited to your needs and your budget.
To find out how long a water pitcher filter has been around it is important to check the manufacturer's warranty. If the warranty does not cover manufacturer defects then a good place to start is checking with the retailer where you purchased the pitcher. If the retailer has a customer service department then call them and ask specifically if the pitcher has ever been tested or if it is still under warranty. In cases where the retailer has no phone number for customer service then you can just ask the manufacturer directly or visit their website to see if there are any reviews on the product.
The first step to finding out how a particular water pitcher filter performs is to look at the basic design and performance. If the basket the pitcher holds the water is clear then the filter will perform properly. It is important that all of the components of the filter are working properly. You should see if the water tastes better and has more volume after adding the recommended amount of sediment, if it does then that is a good sign the filter is doing its job.
Once you have found the best filter pitcher then test it by running pure water through it. Make sure that the water doesn't become very dirty, cloudy or smells bad. If it does then that means the quality of the pitcher's filter has deteriorated. If the water continues to taste good and is still clear after running it through the pitcher than it is likely that the filter one is working properly. To test it one can use a color chart to locate the most effective colors to use.
There is a wide variety of pitchers available and each manufacturer offers their own version of an effective filtration system. Most include a 5-cup capacity and a lifetime warranty. However, the life expectancy of the filter depends heavily on how well water is serviced and maintained. The lifetime lifespan of a filter one is using on a water dispenser is determined by the type of filter and how it is designed as well as how well it is maintained.
A filter system that is built-in to the dispenser provides a sanitary way to provide safe, clean drinking water. In addition, an internal filter is also built in to many dispensers. This provides an additional layer of protection for the pitcher against dirt, debris and other particles that might get through the built-in filter system. In many cases, it is possible for a consumer to have his own built-in dispenser, but there are other cases where the pitcher that is purchased must be purchased separately. Most manufacturers require consumers to buy their own filters to install on the dispenser, unless the manufacturer is selling the units separately.
Water pitchers have come a long way from just being simple cups used to pour water. With the popularity of the water filter pitcher, more choices are now available. Some have a filter built right into the lid, some are built into the dispenser, but others are a mixture of both types. No matter which type, most of these pitchers offer good quality filtration system and great tasting water.

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