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Why Is The Tap Water Filter Less Water?

In order to drink clean and healthy water, we installed a kitchen tap water filter. However, after installation, it was found that the amount of water discharged from the faucet was reduced. Why is this? When the amount of water is reduced, what should we do?

Check water pressure

In the old house, there will be insufficient water pressure. After installing the faucet water purifier, more water pressure is needed. If the water pressure is not enough, the water output of the faucet will become smaller. At this time, just install a booster pump.

Check the tap water filter

The faucet filter has a service life. If the tap filter is not replaced for a long time, the case of a small amount of water can be considered as the filter. At this time, it is only necessary to check whether tap water filter is blocked. If this is the case, the faucet filter should be replaced.

Leaking water

If the tap water filter is used for a long time, it may be corroded. If the water pipe is used for a long time, it may leak. In this case, just replace the accessories.

Tap filter failure

If it is not the case that the above situation causes a small amount of water, then it may be caused by a tap water filter failure. At this time we need to call the faucet filter after-sales service to deal with it.

Tap filters are used very frequently in daily use. If there is a small amount of occurrence, it must be solved as soon as possible.

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