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What Should You Do If The Home RO System Membrane is Blocked?

As one of the most popular water purifiers, RO systems for home play an important role in providing clean and healthy water to the family. In the process of using the RO system, there will inevitably be some conditions you will meet. What should you do if the RO membrane is Blocked? This article tells you the solution.

The RO system for home, known as the reverse osmosis water purifier, its core technology lies in the RO reverse osmosis membrane. Although many consumers use the ro system of home, they don't know much about the RO reverse osmosis membrane. They don't know how to deal with the problem of reverse osmosis membrane blockage.

RO Membrane , RO system for home

How to Prevent RO Membrane Blockage?

Regular cleaning of RO membrane

After long-term use, the RO membrane surface is likely to deposit and scale, the membrane pores are blocked, and the water production is reduced. Therefore, the RO membrane should be cleaned regularly.

However, the reverse osmosis membrane system cannot be cleaned until the pollution is serious. This will increase the difficulty of cleaning, increase the number of cleaning steps and prolong the cleaning time. It is necessary to correctly grasp the cleaning timing and timely clean up the dirt.

Some RO systems for home have an automatic flushing system that automatically cleans the RO membrane, which makes it easy to use.

How to Solve RO Membrane Blockage?

1. Firstly, you need to determine if the membrane of the home RO System is really blocked.

2. Understand the water quality in the region and see if the main components of scale are mainly composed of calcium and magnesium salts.

3. Dispense the syrup (10% hydrochloric acid) or the diluted detergent (descaling detergent on the market) and the special RO membrane cleaning agent according to the composition of the scale, and place the RO membrane therein for 24 hours.

4. Next, rinse the RO membrane after soaking, and rinse the RO membrane with water produced by ultrafiltration. When flushing, close the pure water outlet and open only the waste water outlet.

RO Membrane , RO system for home

5. The water produced by ultrafiltration is flushed from the RO membrane inlet and the pure water inlet at the same time with high pressure. The inlet pressure of the inlet of the home RO system membrane is less than the inlet pressure from the pure nozzle, but the pressure difference is not too large to prevent The filter is broken and the water is washed away to remove the fouling material adhering to the surface of the membrane, which can effectively solve the blockage.

The RO system for home is one of the most important water purifiers, you can buy the products you need online.

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