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Why Replace The Home Water Filter Cartridge in Time?

If the household water purifier is not used for a long time, or if the water filter cartridge is used for a certain length of time without replacement, then the home water filter cartridge needs to be replaced. If it is not replaced in time, it will cause some harm. First, it will block the pores of the filter membrane in the filter element and prolong the time of purifying water. The bad thing is that the household water purifier will cause more waste water. Second, the heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities left by the household water filter will form in the filter cartridge. A "junkyard" can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, and may even interact to create new sources of pollution, causing secondary pollution to the household water purifier.

If this happens, you will need to replace the home water filer cartridge.

First: The Water is Getting Smaller

Under the same conditions (such as the same water pressure and water temperature), the household water purifier has less water. Then it is very likely that it is blocked by the home water filter cartridge. If this is still the case after flushing, then you need to consider replacing the home filter cartridge.

Second: The Taste of The Water is Getting Worse.

This is because the household water purifier filter cartridges too much impurities and bacteria, and the time accumulated in the filter element is too long, causing secondary pollution to the tap water. This is also telling us that we need to replace the water filter cartridge.

Third: Calculate by Time 80% of the Life of the Filter Cartridges.

The life of the home water filter cartridge marked by the water purifier manufacturer is an ideal period for the use of the water purifier filter. In fact, in areas with poor water quality, the filter can't be used for such a long time. It is also recommended to replace the filter when the filter life is about 80% of its ideal life.

Fourth: The Water Quality TDS Value is High.

If the TDS value of the household RO system is significantly higher than before, it should be that the RO membrane is damaged and you are prompted to replace the filter.

Please Replace the Household Water Filter in Time

The water purifier is different from other household appliances. It cannot be used once and for all. It is necessary to clean or replace the internal water filter cartridge regularly. In the life cycle of household water purifier filter, the standard of regular replacement should be strictly implemented to regulate the post-maintenance service of the filter element.

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