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Maintain Your Pool Filter to Make it Last Longer

Pool filters are typically the cheapest and simplest alternative to maintain an above or in-ground pool. Automatic Pool Filter Cartridges are manufactured by various manufacturers that provide a hassle-free way to clean your pool's filters. Automatic pool filter cartridges are also more cost effective than manual cleaning methods. Automatic pool filter cartridges require no electricity and are very convenient for pool owners.
Automatic pool service is a cost effective and convenient way to maintain your pool's filters. No longer will you need to frequently clean your filter's tank or have to purchase a new cartridge. With automatic pool service, you can clean the filter of your choice anytime, day or night. Simply plug the cartridge into a compatible automatic filter pump and allow the system to do its work. Afterwards, disconnect the pump and dispose of the cartridge.
Once you've determined which type of filter you need and purchased the appropriate pump, it's time to determine how you will be cleaning it. Automatic pool service provides cleaning solutions specific for each type of filter. Cleaning solutions are available in both spray bottles and canisters. To choose the right size filter for your needs, follow these simple steps:
* Determine how large your pool's tank is. Large-sized pools usually require larger filter tanks. Note the minimum and maximum water pressures of your pool's pumps. Ensure you have enough water pressure to safely pump your cartridges.
* Find the appropriate water pressure gauge. Most manufacturers include an inspection tool with their cartridge filters. This tool helps you find leaks and other problems that may prevent the pump from working correctly. Using this tool, you can determine the correct pressure needed for proper maintenance.
* Carefully study the drain field. The drain field, which comprises of the water pipes that transport water, waste and debris away from the pool, must be clear and free from debris. Make sure the entire area is free of obstructions such as leaves, branches, trash, etc. Once you've determined that there are no obstructions in the drain field, check for leaks or damaged sections. It is a good idea to get professional help in this matter.
* Check the filters for signs of wear and damage. Dirt, oils and other contaminants can penetrate the grout lines. They may also enter the pump and filter cartridge if not cleaned properly. Use a vacuum to clean dirt and debris from the filter lines. Vacuum the inside of the filter housing and wipe dirt from the grout lines. Ensure that any protruding accessories are properly cleaned and any hair washed out.
Clean your filter media on a regular basis. The tank and filter media are the most susceptible components when it comes to dirt, debris, oils and other contaminants. To avoid build-up, you should regularly inspect your tank and media and replace any contaminated media. To keep your pool in top working condition, regularly swap out the filter basket with new ones made of non-corrosive materials. Keep the filter media clean and replace them as necessary.
* Test your pool equipment. Before swimming season, you should run a test on both the pump and filter tank to ensure they are functioning properly. Turn the power on and off the system. If there are problems, they will immediately show up as water will enter and exit the system.
* Make sure the filter system is drained. The filter system serves as the filtration system for the whole pool. If the filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, the pump won't work properly. Sooner or later, the pump will stop working completely. This is a very dangerous situation that could lead to pool injuries and possible pool failure.
* Backwash prevention. When pool water passes through the filter cartridge, some particles stick to the interior surface of the filter material. These tiny particles attach themselves to the filter and backwash the water through the pool. Backwashing is a very strong force, which can cause damage to the pump's impeller.
* Proper maintenance. As the filter tanks are used, the o-ring(s) inside the filter tank may become worn out. The worn o-ring(s) will need to be replaced with new ones. When this happens, the amount of time between replacement of the o-ring(s) will need to be increased. Pool owners must remember that larger o-rings(s) have a shorter lifetime than the smaller ones.

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