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Water is an important substance to every cell in our body, and the quality of water has an important impact on our health. Unfortunately, the unfiltered water is full of harmful substances that endanger our health. So,it is necessary to install a tap water filter.

What harmful substances are there in tap water?

Chlorine: Chlorine not only has an unpleasant smell, but it also destroys beneficial bacteria throughout the body. This will increases the risk for cancer.

Arsenic: A powerful cancer causing agent

Aluminum: A type of heavy metal that is associated with gastrointestinal and liver damage.

Fluoride: It destroys nerve tissue, damages the immune system, and blocks many problems such as thyroid function.

Other harmful ingredients include pesticides, birth control pills, antibiotics, etc.

You need to install a tap water filter.

A high-quality water filter removes harmful substances such as chlorine, pigments, odors, heavy metals, fluorides, heavy metals, and so on. This allows us to drink more healthy and pure water.

What type of water filter needs to be installed.

There are many types of water filters, including refrigerator water filters, tap water filter, and shower filters. Find the water filter you are interested in online and leave a message.

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