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Compared with the past,we are making more and more money,but is the quality of life better?In order to breathe more fresh air,we put on anti-haze masks and even bought air purifiers.We have to drink water every day.Do you also install a"health mask"for it?Water purifier can make us drink healthier water.Choosing suitable activated carbon filter is the key for us to drink healthy water.

kinds of activated carbon filters

Kinds of Activated Carbon Filters

1.The Carbon Block Filter Cartridge(CTO)
Functions:Adsorb chlorine,unpleasant odor,color,and remove microorganisms.

2.The Sintered Activated Carbon Block Filter
Functions:Adsorb chlorine and color more than 98%.

3.The Activated Carbon Block-Hollow Fiber Filter Cartridge
Functions:It is made of Sintered Activated Carbon Block and imported hollow fibers.It not only has the function of Sintered Activated Carbon Block,but also hollow fiber can remove bacteria.

functions of activated carbon filters

4.Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Function:The filter cartridge is good at removing objictionable tadtes,Chlorine unpleasant odor,color,spore,lead and microorganisns.No carbon fines releasing from the filter cartridges,at the same time,it keeps a high flow.

Above are four commonly used activated carbon filters.When buy water purifier,you must know the kind of activated carbon in it and choose the appropriate filter.

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