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Recommend Best Household Water Filters for You 2019

You don't know which kind of household water filters to add? Not all water filters are guaranteed to make the water cleaner and healthier. Choosing the right valuable household filter can keep your home away from water pollution. Learn more about the best household water filters now.

RO System

Before you know the RO machine, you may not know that it is one of the best household water filters. The RO machine have pre-filter, an RO membrane and post-filter. The RO membrane is the core of the RO machine, which removes some harmful ions and chemical contaminants from the water. This is difficult to achieve with many other domestic water filters. Fortunately, you only need to replace the RO membrane every two years because the RO membrane is expensive. This is much better than replacing the other filter cartridges in half a year. The pre-filter remove impurities and chlorine from the water, while the post-filter release some ions that are good for my body. It sounds like the RO machine is the best household water filter, and it really is. Because the RO machine uses the current advanced filtration technology, it can easily produce clean and healthy water for you.

The RO machine can be installed under your sink to ensure that the water you drink is filtered.

household water filters, ro system

Refrigerator Water Filters

Ice water or ice will make you fall in love with the summer, but harmful pollutants that are not visible in the water may not. Some invisible pollutants in the water will enter your body and affect your health. Chlorine is a common substance in water, and some studies have shown it to be associated with some cancers. As one of the commonly used household water filters, the refrigerator water filter can effectively remove chlorine from water, reaching more than 99%. Of course, only the water filter with the label may reach the previous number. The water filter of the refrigerator can be added to the refrigerator, and the water will be made into ice water or ice after passing through the filter core, and finally our body.

household water filters, refrigerator water filters

Shower Filters

Maybe you are just worried about whether the water entering our body is clean, but it ignores the household water filter-shower water that also threatens our health.  Some people hold a point of view: there is no need to filter that as long as water does not enter our body. This is a false perception. Chlorine in the water passes through the skin and eventually reaches our blood. Unfortunately, the higher the temperature of the water, the more chlorine will enter our blood. A sensible way is to add a household water filter - shower filter. It not only removes chlorine from the water, but it also softens soft water and makes our skin and hair more comfortable.

household water filters, shower filter

Whole House Water Filters

A whole house water filter allows the entire family's water to be filtered. As a common household water filter, the whole house water filter will be recommended to be installed in the main water channel of the home so that all domestic water can be filtered. There is an additional benefit you can't think of installing a full house water filter, which is that it removes some of the ions that might erode the water pipe, so that the water pipes in our home are far from the risk of being eroded.

household water filters, whole house water filters

Can you wait to install a home water filter for your home now? Before installation, you need to know the water quality of your city and use this as a basis to purchase a suitable household water filter. One resource that can be used is that you can contact the online customer service of the website or send us an email.

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