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What Are The Functions of The Household Water Filter?

Do you need to install a household water filter? Some users always have this kind of question. Before buying, you need to understand the function of the home water purifier. The water filter allows you to drink safe and healthy water.

The Function of The Household Water Filter

1. Remove impurities from the water. Many people know that household water filters can filter impurities in the water and make the water cleaner. An important indicator of judgment is the amount of impurities in the water, such as rust, sediment, and the like.

2. Remove residual chlorine and odor. One of the important functions of household water filters is to remove residual chlorine and odor by adsorption. In the process of water treatment in the waterworks, an important process is chlorination, but inevitably leaves residual chlorine and produces odor. The activated carbon in the water purifier can remove residual chlorine and odor.

3. Some water purifiers can block bacteria. At present, only the RO pure water machine can solve the pollution problems of bacteria, viruses and heavy metal ions.

How to Order a Household Water Filter?

1. You can determine the type of household water purifier according to the water quality. Water purifiers are broadly classified into ultra-filters, pure water machines, pipeline machines, pipeline machines, and water softeners. You can choose the right water purifier based on the water conditions in your home, the price you can afford, and the desired filtration effect.

2. Check whether the high temperature sterilization function of the household water filter is up to standard. The reason why the water purifier can play the role of purifying water quality, the high temperature sterilization function of the product plays a major role.

3. Check if the filter accessories of the water purifier contain antibacterial ingredients. Current household water filter cartridges generally have antibacterial components that inhibit the amount and growth of drinking water bacteria. However, it is necessary to be clear that the antibacterial ions on the filter material of the water purifier are difficult to control, and the value is too low or too high to achieve effective antibacterial effect.

Now, you can buy and install a home water filter for your home.

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