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Types of Coffee Pots and Coffee Maker Water Filters

Coffee Pots and Coffee Maker Water Filters: Many coffee fans are no longer satisfy with the taste of instant coffee. They want to have their own coffee maker to make and enjoy coffee in the office or at home. However, due to the wide variety of coffee machines on the market, many customers have no idea on how to choose a coffee machine suit for themselves. This article introduces several common coffee appliances for beginners.Catalogue.

  • American drip kettle
  • French Press
  • hand press filter cup
  • Syphon
American drip kettle  

Introduction: Automatic coffee machine is a classic drip filter. When the power is on, the high heat element in the coffee pot will quickly heat a small part of water to boil which flowing from the water storage tank. The steam pressure pushes the water out of the pipe in turn, and after passing through the distribution board, it is evenly dripping into the filter of the coffee powder, and then flowing into the coffee bottle, which becomes the drinking coffee. Insulation board at the bottom of the coffee bottle can make coffee in a temperature of 75 ℃ or so.Features: simple, efficient, reliable, it is best for home, office and dormitory, especially super lazy.Taste: coffee tastes fresh and flat.

French Press  

Introduction: Originating in France around 1850, a type of simple bubbler consists of a heat-resistant glass bottle body and a metal strainer with a pressure bar. At first, it was mainly used for brewing black tea, so some people called it tea punch. The principle of making coffee is releasing the essence of coffee by soaking the water in full contact with the coffee powder.Features: easy to operate, simple, quick and easy to master. It"s also suitable for office friends.Taste: perfectly reflects the flavor of single-origin coffee.

hand press filter cup  

Features: simple and convenient. It"s also suitable for office friends and casual friends at home.(The taste of coffee is very demanding.)Kit: hand – press, filter paper, filter cup, conical pot.Taste: perfectly reflects the flavor characteristics of coffee.

Syphon pot  

Introduction: Syphon, commonly known as "glass ball" or "siphon", is a simple and easy coffee brewing method. It is one of the most popular coffee cooking method in the cafés. Although the syphon pot has another alias of “Sealing style”, it has nothing to do with the siphon principle. Instead, it uses heat expansion and cooling principle, when water is heated to produce water vapor, it will push the hot water from the lower sphere to the upper pot, and water will be suck back after the pot cools down. Then a cup of pure coffee is ready. Features: Suitable for people with romantic feelings and are leisurely at home. Taste: Siphonic coffee is a favorite of many coffee fans. Some people say that because it can extract the most perfect part of coffee, especially the refreshing and bright acid in the characteristics of coffee beans, and the acid is with a mellow smell. Siphon cooking can make this coffee characteristics fully realized. Moka pot Introduction: Divided into upper and lower parts, the water is boiled in the lower part to produce steam pressure. When boiling water rises, passes through the upper part of the filter pot containing coffee powder; Then turn the firepower down until the coffee flows into the upper part.Features: The operation is relatively simple and convenient. (Moka pots are based on high pressure principle to extract the coffee, so don"t buy very the cheap ones in case of any danger). It also suits for people who like espresso.Taste: The coffee has mellow and rich taste and is slightly bitter (if there is a burnt smell, then you have overcooked). Espresso coffee machine Introduction: Making a perfect cup of Espresso or Cappuccino coffee requires a dedicated coffee machine, which is the espresso coffee machine. It uses a high temperature vapor, 9 atmospheres and 90 degrees Celsius to rapidly extract 30 milliliters strong coffee liquid in a short time of 24 seconds.Features: Espresso coffee machine can be divided into: semi-automatic and fully automatic. Simply speaking, a semi-automatic coffee machine is an espresso machine that needs to be grinded and filled by yourself. The coffee quality will vary depending on the operating people. The automatic machine is automatically completed from grinding to coffee. The quality of each cup is relatively balanced, but the taste is slightly inferior to the semi-automatic espresso machine.Taste: Condensation with scent and tasty, the intake of caffeine is reduced greatly. AeroPress Introduction: AeroPress produced a big reaction when it entered into the market. It simply appears to be an improved filter press, in fact, it adds filter paper to make the filtered coffee very clean. In addition, it has piston which can cause a little pressure and increase the extraction rate. If you want to have a cup of espresso in the office, Aeropress may be a good choice. Features: The coffee concentration from Aero Press is quite flexible. Putting less water or more powder, your coffee will be much concentrated. I like to use it to do a simple coffee quality test: use it to make "espresso". Strictly speaking, it is just very concentrated coffee, which could not be called as espresso. It is so rich that it’s no problem to be a base of latte coffee for household users.Taste: AreoPress can cook a very strong coffee base, but it does not lose its rounded, thick, clean taste. Capsule Coffee Machine Introduction: The capsule coffee machine is a new type of coffee machine appeared in recent years. The so-called capsule coffee machine is that the manufacturer pre-fills the coffee powder into a plastic capsule and then fills it with nitrogen to keep it fresh. When we want to drink coffee, we can quickly put the capsule into the coffee machine, then the fragrant coffee can be made instantly.Features: Easy to operate, any beginner can easily make a cup of espresso coffee. You can choose different flavors of coffee capsules according to personal taste. No need for cumbersome cleaning, you just need to recycle the capsule directly after making the coffee. It’s professional. Under the protection of the completely sealed nitrogen-filled package, it can effectively keep the coffee fresh and prevent oxidation, so that the storage period can reach 2 years. It can be directly put into the machine without unpacking, and it is easy to recycle after cooking. Taste: Capsule coffee is on the same production line and automatic filling, so that it can guarantee the quality of each cup of coffee is stable. We have known many coffee machines, then I will introduce you to the coffee machine water filter. Water quality is one of the factors affecting the degree of coffee, and the coffee machine filter can be said to be indispensable for the water quality. Let’s take a look at its power. Yunda coffee machine water filter has passed the NSF certification of the United States, and has excellent functions of adsorbing residual chlorine, odor, pigment, removing organic compounds. It has high filtration efficiency, good adsorption performance, non-toxic and harmless, safe and secure.

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