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Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filters

Advantages and disadvantages of water filters

Advantages: Purified water quality, good taste, no secondary pollution.

Disadvantages: resources are wasted.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Filter

This water purifier uses a filter element structure, which is divided into various types according to different needs. It is the mainstream model in the current and future markets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filters

Generally, there are coarse filtered water filters and direct drinking series water filters; coarse filter water purifiers generally use PP cotton water filter cartridges and activated carbon water filter cartridges, which can remove various impurities, rust, and sand seen by the naked eye in the water. And other harmful substances, but not suitable for direct drinking. Direct drinking water filters generally use ultrafiltration membrane water filter cartridges or nanofiltration membrane water filter cartridges. They have large water output and high filtration accuracy, which can effectively remove various types of bacteria, viruses, E. coli and other human bodies in the water. Harmful macromolecules. The filtered water can be directly consumed. It retains minerals that are beneficial to the human body. It is equivalent to the quality of mineral water. It is suitable for the entire family or kitchen, or it can be used only for drinking water. It has low cost. The advantages of easy installation and long service life.

The only drawback is that it cannot remove calcium and magnesium ions (water alkali) in the water. If it is used with a water softener, the effect is perfect.

RO Water Filter System

This water purifier uses RO reverse osmosis technology, which first appeared in the aviation industry and was developed for the purpose of solving drinking water for pilots. It has the advantage of high water output accuracy (except for water molecules, no substance can pass), is pure water.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filters

The disadvantage is that the purified water is too pure and lacks trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. An average cup of pure water produces 3 cups of waste water and must use electricity; and the maintenance cost of the machine itself is relatively high, because there are many pipe fittings. Small problems such as water seepage are prone to occur.

Water Softener

The water softener is based on the principle of ion exchange, that is, Na+ is used to exchange Mg2+Ca2+, so that the hardness of the water is reduced to less than 70 mg/liter to become soft water. Its main function is to remove water, alkali and scale.

Advantages: Removal of scale, water and alkali effect is good, at the same time large flow rate, basically does not reduce water pressure.

The cleaning ability of soft water is particularly strong, the effect of washing, showering, beauty and skin care is strong, and the degree of cleanliness is high. The use of soft water can avoid the scaling of various water heaters` central air conditioning, prevent clogging of showerheads, and extend the service life; it can also reduce energy consumption.

At the same time, it also saves washing supplies and lowers housework intensity. Soft water is most suitable for domestic use.

Disadvantages: Can't get rid of bacteria, viruses, and organic matter. It is not recommended to drink directly; it needs salt consumption during regeneration; and produces a certain amount of wastewater.

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