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Why add a filter for your refrigerator? The water may contain precipitates, chlorine, lead, bacteria and pesticides that harm your health. The refrigerator filter not only removes these impurities and making it safe to drink, but also improves the taste.

Sediment Removal

Sediment is a relatively common impurity in water. Mainly from transport pipelines, these sediment include rust, particles and so on. Although these sediment isn't usually a health risk, they will give you an unpleasant taste. The refrigerator filter can remove these Sediment.

Chlorine Removal

Most municipal water utility companies use chlorine to treat drinking water because it's inexpensive, easy to use and highly effective at killing many of the bacteria found in water. But some chlorine can get into your body with the water, causing a health risk to your body. The refrigerator filter removes chlorine from the water.

Removing Dangerous Lead

Lead is toxic when ingested, and it’s essential to remove it from drinking water. Lead commonly enter your body when it seeps into the water supply from old plumbing pipes. Some refrigerator filters remove dangerous lead.

Pesticide Removal

Today pesticide residue in drinking water may be on the rise because modern organic pesticides dissolve in water and can easily get into the water supply. Refrigerator filters can remove pesticides and volatile organic compounds from drinking water.

Add a filter to your refrigerator that will allow you to drink safe and healthy water.

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